Where We Lead

LinQuest applies thorough systems domain knowledge and combines it with state-of-the-art software methodologies to design and develop complex software tools that meet demanding requirements, often with tight schedules and budgets.

Innovative Solutions

3DataLInQ is a secured, cloud-based system that can be used to support mission planning and analysis, tactical situational awareness, data visualization, decision-making, and mission execution.

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LinQuest's unique enterprise lifecycle engineering, verification, architecture, test and evaluation MBSE methodology goes beyond "traditional" MBSE capabilities.

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LYNX supports concept development, systems engineering, systems-of-systems integration, and mission operations for enterprise functions.

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The Global Positioning System Interference and Navigation Tool (GIANT) is a many-versus-many constructive and repeatable GOTS simulation tool.

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Using the latest gaming technology, LinQuest is leading the way to create a “World of Warcraft®” environment enabling analysts to collaborate from anywhere on the globe. They will be able to interact with Big Data processing without having to navigate Big Data engineering; all working together in virtual space. Legacy browser-based applications, real-time video feeds, video/audio conferencing, Common Operating Pictures (COP), User-Defined Operating Pictures (UDOP), Cesium integration, 3D Geo-centric simulations, and remote virtual desktops are just a few of the many standard features. 3DataLinQTM is wrapped in its own secured VM, runs on 23 platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPad, and VR wearables, uses a common code base, and streams to users via SaaS from the cloud environment.

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