Communications Satellite

Space Systems

With deep subject matter expertise across all major DoD and IC mission areas, we are an industry leader in designing, integrating, and operating space systems. Our decades of experience span the space, ground control, and user segments.

Engineering &

LinQuest Engineering and Integration

Our engineering and integration capabilities include the full suite of systems engineering processes; collaboration, analysis, and management tools; and professionally certified practitioners necessary to develop and implement solutions at the system, portfolio, and enterprise levels.


We provide continuous on-orbit satellite operations services for our US Space Force (USSF) customer. Our operations engineers, orbital analysts, and mission planners average over 12 years of experience conducting space vehicle operations de-confliction, mission planning, and real time satellite operations.


Spectrum Superiority Systems

Rapid Prototyping & Secure Manufacturings

Commercial & International Space Integration

Advanced Data Analytics

Digital Transformation

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LinQuest 24/7 Navwar Operation

We provide engineering, MS&A, test, and operations support to the NAVWAR mission, a determined effort to adversely affect system knowledge of PNT conditions, resulting in an inability to operate as intended.

Training and
Exercise Support

We recognize the critical importance of having trained warfighters ready to respond to emerging threats. We provide the full spectrum of training and exercise support, including system-specific training, warfighting operations training, military exercises, and wargame development.


LinQuest Cross Mission Integration

We are leading the way on cross-mission integration with advanced techniques like model federation and ontology mapping that help identify and address the challenges associated with breaking down stovepipes and integrating legacy systems. We are experts in the field of Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), a critical enabler for the design and integration of future cross-mission space systems architectures.


We draw on our rich heritage as space systems subject matter experts, as well as our advanced modeling and digital engineering experience, using our expertise and tools to analyze requirements, frame problems, and engage stakeholders in a collaborative process that yields architectural solutions.


LinQuest Concept Development

Whether exploring simple concepts to bridge a small capability gap or advanced concepts to address an emerging threat, our team has the creative skills and innovative mindset necessary to develop and mature practical solutions. The technical depth and breadth of our workforce enables us to cooperate effectively with a broad range of stakeholders and synthesize ideas.

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