Linking Data to Decisions

3DataLinQ is a secured, cloud- based, Big Data, and analytics fusion and visualization ecosystem that supports modeling, simulation, analysis, mission planning, tactical situational awareness, course-of- action dev- elopment, decision- making, and operations via a three-dimensional (3D), virtualized, and collaborative user experience.

3D Virtualization, Visualization, and Immersive Collaboration

LinQVis User Interface

Using the latest gaming technology, LinQuest is leading the way to create an interactive environment enabling analysts, operators, and decision- makers to collaborate in the same virtual space from anywhere on the globe. As a Rapid Application Development technology, 3DataLinQ supports fast prototyping and quick- reaction capabilities.

3DataLinQ is wrapped in its own secured virtual machine and provides the ability to cost- effectively integrate existing tools, databases, and analytics to experiment, visualize, assess, and rapidly reconfigure solutions to complex problems.

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Features and

SVT User Interface


  • Runs on 23 platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPad, and Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality wearables
  • Uses a common code base
  • Streams to users via Software-as-a-Service
  • Real-time video feeds
  • Video/audio conferencing
  • Common and user-defined operating pictures
  • Security and mixed classification collaboration
  • Workflows
  • 3D geo-centric simulations
  • Legacy browser-based applications


  • Rapid application development facilitates cost-effective solution application and assessment
  • Advanced data and metadata visualization significantly increases situational awareness
  • Allows analysts and operators to interact with Big Data without requiring complex Big Data engineering
  • Enables decision-makers to rapidly evaluate courses-of-action and tactically execute in real-time
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