Digital Transformation

Building on a heritage of systems engineering expertise, we are leading the way in digital transformation for our customers through the application of digital engineering (DE) and advanced digital technologies to accelerate the pace of new technology adoption and fielding to outpace the threat.


Digital satellites

We provide DE solutions using our wide-ranging expertise and experience developing, integrating, and applying digital models across the system lifecycle. Our DE offerings include architecture and performance modeling with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), government off-the shelf (GOTS), and custom developed simulation tools; data management frameworks; trade space and decision support tools, and visualization capabilities. Our solutions contribute to program and organization successes in the form of execution efficiencies, risk reduction, improved communication, and integration among stakeholders; enhanced decision making; and overall increased effectiveness.

Development, Security,
and Operations (DevSecOps)

Our multi-disciplined teams deliver secure and reliable software for operations at scale. With automated security scanning and compliance checks combined with continuous testing and delivery into target environments, we simplify management of systems and increase visibility and resiliency without slowing value stream flow.


Spectrum Superiority Systems

Rapid Prototyping & Secure Manufacturings

Commercial & International Space Integration

Advanced Data Analytics

Digital Transformation

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Modeling, Simulation,
and Analysis

Digital satellites

We develop and apply modeling and simulation tools that inform decision making from acquisitions through operations. Our MS&A solutions span engineering, mission-, and campaign-level analysis, enabled by highly qualified interdisciplinary teams of subject matter experts, analysts, and engineers.


Our cybersecurity solutions help defend our DoD and intelligence community (IC) customers against advanced cybersecurity threats. Our trained, experienced, and certified cybersecurity staff are adept at identifying cybersecurity risks and developing and operating secure solutions through application of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) from system categorization to continuous monitoring. Our knowledge of DoD and IC cybersecurity policies and directives enables us to implement compliant solutions and secure information boundaries to make our customer organization more secure.

Model Based
Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Digital earth

Our unique MBSE methodology is at the forefront of the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s (OSD) DE strategy, providing solutions that support the entire program lifecycle and go beyond traditional MBSE capabilities by incorporating powerful tools into a seamless MBSE framework. Our methodology supports any level of engineering, including individual systems, complex systems-of-systems portfolios, and enterprise architectures.

Spectrum Management
Tools and Modeling

We are leading the way for advanced spectrum management tools and modeling. Our Spectrum Visualization Tool (SVT) is based on our 3DataLinQ platform, which uses 3D gaming technology. SVT allows spectrum planners, managers, and operators to navigate through the spectrum data in a way not available in the past to better understand, analyze, plan, and coordinate spectrum issues and operations.

spectrum Visualization Tool (SVT) Screen

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