Commercial and International Space Integration

As a national security space leader, we have successfully partnered with commercial space companies and allies to develop their on-orbit capabilities and networks to align with government requirements and security and cyber constraints. We have been instrumental in the integration of commercial and international systems and services into the US national security space enterprise.

On-orbit Capability

Satellites communicating with terminals

Drawing on our deep systems engineering expertise, we have worked with commercial providers and government organizations to demonstrate game changing capabilities that have spawned programs of record. In doing so, we have succeeded in finding solutions for cross-domain security challenges.

Architecture Design
and Resilience

We have used our detailed understanding of national security space architectures to conduct resiliency analyses and make recommendations for how best to leverage commercial and international partners to deliver more robust space-based capabilities.


Spectrum Superiority Systems

Rapid Prototyping & Secure Manufacturings

Commercial & International Space Integration

Advanced Data Analytics

Digital Transformation

Explored our solutions?

Title 10
and 50 Missions

Soldier with radio

Because of our broad customer reach, spanning nearly all elements of DoD and the international community’s space systems, we have identified and recommended cross-domain solutions that overcome the barriers sometimes imposed by stove-piped programs.

Secure Commanding
and Transport

Cross-linking and down-linking highly classified space mission data imposes numerous security challenges. We have identified solutions for working through “red-black” space and ground interfaces that preserve security, information security, and cyber resilience while achieving data transport at “mission speed”.

Earth with nodes and lock

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