AI/ML-Enabled Data Analytics

We support the defense RDT&E, modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A), and acquisitions communities to solve the toughest problems; collaborate with our client partners; augment their own experience, expertise, and intuition; and fundamentally improve the warfighter. We are recognized within the industry for premier operations research, data science, data management, and software development solutions and services.


Data connected to brain

We leverage a wide variety of AI/ML algorithms and platforms to explore high dimensional problems sets. Our methods are used for sampling, meta-model construction, and interactive data exploration. Our adaptive design and learning tools have automated the investigation and understanding of any black-box system or simulation.

Data Engineering
and Architecting

We define an appropriate data architecture in conjunction with the development of a common data environment to leverage United States Air Force (USAF) and Department of Defense (DoD) data to enable analysis, experimentation, and decision making from acquisition data tied to policy and standards to sustainment. We create data ingestion and extraction processes supported by robust data quality and data governance and ensure authoritative source(s) of truth is maintained through all the models/tools while ensuring the data is bi-directionally traced.


Spectrum Superiority Systems

Rapid Prototyping & Secure Manufacturings

Commercial & International Space Integration

AI/ML-Enabled Data Analytics

Digital Transformation

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Digital globe with data

We build powerful, intuitive visualizations into our solutions, providing maximum insight for our clients. Examples include data exploration interfaces for our custom MS&A tools; map-based scenario creators for our mission planning applications; real-time, gesture-based autonomous vehicle controllers for operators; and augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) frameworks for multi-domain operations.


We provide analytical and software development expertise to inform DoD acquisition decisions. We support the Special Design Protection Equipment (SDPE) office in partnership with the broader MS&A community to enable timely and effective acquisition decisions that span operational domains, security classifications, modeling resolution levels, planning horizons, lifecycle stages, and various communities of interest. We have built custom applications used for decision support in force structure, resource allocation, officer inventory, and enterprise trade space analysis.

Decision graphs

Big Data Analysis
and Optimization

Server farm with nodes

Our experimental practices for big data analysis and optimization are closely aligned with the DoD’s AI strategy, continuously experimenting and adapting through an agile development process creating reusable tools and approaches across the MS&A enterprise. The combination of an automated analysis environment and distributed computation power creates a perpetual modeling environment where relevant insights are quickly realized.

Automated Multivariate
Trade Space

Our world class analysts perform trade space analyses for a multitude of clients, including J8, A9, S9, and SDPE. We equip them and government partners alike with powerful software applications, tools, and frameworks to enable increasingly complex and rigorous trade space studies. Our enterprise web application MRLD guides an analyst through the Multi-Attribute Trade Space Exploration (MATE) methodology, which is uniquely advantageous for multi-stakeholder concerns. Our value-focused thinking (VFT) modeling tool allows an analyst to evaluate a trade space that contains a multitude of possible alternatives using a prioritized set of objectives and their associated values.

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