About Us

Who We Are

LinQuest Corporation's mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective services and solutions to national security and industry clients focused on the convergence of C4ISR, information, and cyber systems. LinQuest provides state-of-the-art technical services and innovative solutions spanning the interpretation, engineering, testing, operations, and sustainment of critical space, air, and ground system capabilities and programs. These capabilities and programs range from intricate systems and architectures to highly complex enterprises comprised of families of systems. LinQuest integrates technical and operational domain expertise with process discipline and delivers performance excellence across the lifecycle of programs. LinQuest is extremely proud of its role in being instrumental in providing cost-effective solutions to tough challenges on programs of national importance.

Why LinQuest

Our ability to serve our customers with excellent performance and successful solutions is directly traced to the quality of our staff. Attracting talented, qualified professionals, and retaining them by creating an environment where they can thrive, is at the core of our strategy attributing to the success of our company. Our strength also depends on the quality of our staff. We provide our staff with opportunities for advancement in all aspects of their professional lives. We encourage each LinQuest employee to make a mark in his or her own way and work together with other employees in a team environment to make a difference for our customers.

LinQuest is committed to providing excellence, from concept to capability. LinQuest's focus is on meeting all relevant requirements and the continual improvement of the quality management system.

Mission, Vision, Values


To provide innovative and cost-effective services and solutions to national security and industry customers focused on the convergence of C4ISR, information, and cyber systems.


To be a leader in the market for engineering and operational services with an impeccable record for customers mission success and where our employees excel at what they do.

Our Shared Values

Our Heritage

LinQuest Corporation began business in February 2004, providing its government customers with highly valued, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective technical solutions that were unbiased, independent, clear, and based on experience and thorough knowledge of the subject matter. We trace our more than 40-year heritage back to LinCom Corporation. In 1977, LinQuest personnel began supporting the US Military Services in the development, testing, and deployment of various highly sophisticated Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) programs. LinCom was acquired by Titan Corporation in 2000 and spun out as LinQuest Corporation in 2004. Since then, LinQuest has grown and diversified its capabilities, expertise, and customer base to include multiple government agencies and commercial enterprises, while retaining its roots in engineering excellence and client satisfaction. It is this heritage that has evolved into the LinQuest culture that values performance, technical domain expertise, and objectivity focusing on the convergence of communications, command and control (C2), and information systems.

In August 2011, LinQuest acquired Mosaic, Inc., a provider of strategic consulting to the Intelligence Community (IC) specializing in solving very large data problems, performing data analytics, and crafting enterprise solutions that enable the IC to leverage capability and technology transfer across organizations.

In February 2012, LinQuest acquired the Colorado Springs' operation of Schafer Corporation. The purchase included the Space Control prime contract with Headquarters Air Force Space Command and a subcontract providing advisory and assistance services to NORAD and USNORTHCOM.

LinQuest is proud to have doubled in size during the past three years while maintaining superior performance recognized by customers in LinQuest's performance and award fee assessments. LinQuest attributes this success to the culture of excellence it has built during its more than 40-year heritage.

In May 2018, LinQuest announced it was acquired by Madison Dearborn Partners and CoVant Management. Our new owners recognize and value the heritage described above and have invested in the people of LinQuest to assist our efforts in sustaining excellent performance in supporting critical national security customers while continuing our trajectory of growth.

The timeline below depicts how LinQuest has grown and diversified its business since 2000.