Terminal Control Simulator

Terminal Control Simulator (TCSim) simulates Milstar and AEHF Payload to Terminal Access Control Protocols and the SMART-T to Terminal Control software communications link. Without TCSim, EHF Communication Planner training and MPSS Terminal Control testing requires employing valuable system resources, use of other less efficient scripting tools, or less dynamic protocol implementation tools. With TCSim, valuable resources are saved, communication planners receive effective terminal control training, and the MPSS has efficient preliminary protocol test capabilities.



Initially developed for the Army Communication Planner Training Course as a Milstar terminal control training simulator, TCSim has since been expanded for use in support of AEHF XDR terminal control. It's satellite and terminal simulation capability is useful in both training and planning tool development environments.

TCSim has been used successfully in the classroom to train EHF communication planners on terminal control procedures and as an informal testing aid for the terminal control module of the MPSS. TCSim currently simulates LDR/MDR/XDR protocols to support Milstar and AEHF terminal control functionality.