SATCOM Evaluation Tool

The SATCOM Evaluation Tool (SET) is a multi-constellation coverage and capacity analysis tool for protected SATCOM systems. It is used to analyze the coverage, configuration, and loading capacity of satellite communications systems, including Milstar, Advanced EHF, UFO-E/EE, and EPS.


SET models the earth terminals, satellite constellations, and communications links in a defined loading scenario. Based on the development of LinQuest Corporation’s flexible communications resource modeling framework, SET accepts an operator-defined scenario input and executes a sequence of loading functions on that data.


SET is designed to develop and load scenarios for the AEHF, Milstar, UFO-E/EE, and EPS systems. SET has been used for:

The result of SET loading processes is a realistic assessment of expected terminal and satellite capacity. SET allows the operator to easily modify the scenario input data and re-load for quick turn-around analyses and trade studies. SET currently models the full range of EHF protected communications systems including AEHF, EPS, Milstar, and UFO-E/EE.

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