The Global Positioning System (GPS) Interference and Navigation Tool (GIANT) is a many-versus-many constructive and repeatable GOTS simulation tool that computes GPS/GNSS and other navigation system performance and mission impacts in a benign or electronic combat environment.

How it Works

GIANT is a constructive and repeatable mission-level simulation used to determine navigation performance and its impact upon air-to-ground or surface-to-surface operational effectiveness.
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GIANT originated in 1996 to support the Navwar analysis of alternatives and has been applied to hundreds of analyses by numerous civilian and military user communities: acquisition, test and evaluation (T&E), training, and operations.

  • Navwar analysis: EA, EP, and ES with advanced threats
  • JCIDS/AoA Support: performance trade–off, CONOPS development, military utility analysis, and decision support
  • GPS analyses: interference and anti-jam, BFEA relative nav, flex power, spot beam, M–code, and weapons effects
  • T&E support: planning, predictions, and V&V
  • Operations support: GPS Operations Center (GPSOC) predictions/reports, JNWC test analysis and warfighter support, and AOC weapon system baseline (10.1)

Mission-level analysis


GIANT is regularly upgraded to reflect the continuing evolution of the GPS enterprise architecture and its augmentations, GNSS, Navigation Warfare (Navwar), and network-centric technologies.

  • Current/future user equipment and platforms, satellites/pseudolites, and interference/jamming databases
  • Signal environment (J/S and C/No), static/moving jammers
  • GNSS performance, including maps and integrated charts (e.g., DOP, CEP, and SEP), and satellites in field-of-view
  • Communications satellite line-of-sight planning
  • Terrain effects – LOS detection and signal attenuation
  • Export to Google, GeoTIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG
  • Real-time data feeds and constellation status
  • User-friendly setup and scenario visualization
  • Comprehensive documentation and training
GNSS MS&A (GEO, MEO, LEO) Earth coverage and Spot Beam display