Acquisition Logistics Performance Scorecard

The Acquisition Logistics Performance Scorecard (ALPS) is a comprehensive suite of logistics management functions offering a centralized data store accessible world-wide focused on providing performance-based logistics (PBL) management. The ALPS.NET represents a considerable advancement in technology from it's predecessor and has been redesigned from the ground up utilizing the most advanced web-centric technologies and techniques.

ALPS.NET improves overall system asset availability by enhancing the process used to perform complete asset management. ALPS.NET greatly reduces the administrative burden on the acquisition managers and joint warfighter by reducing the costs associated with logistically fielding and supporting a system throughout its entire lifecycle.

The ALPS.NET was created with a focus on providing a comprehensive logistical support system with an emphasis on the end users’ ease of use. Easy-to-interpret data dashboards and detailed reports provide consistent reporting and analysis capabilities.

The ALPS.NET is 100% U.S. government-owned and Certificate of Networthiness (CON)-certified. It has been operationally supporting warfighters and acquisition managers for more than 10 years and has a solid reputation of efficient and effective support through a centrally-managed system.