Linking Data to Decisions

3D Virtualization, Visualization, and Immersive Collaboration

Using the latest gaming technology, LinQuest is leading the way to create an interactive environment enabling analysts, operators, and decision-makers to collaborate in the same virtual space from anywhere on the globe. Legacy browser-based applications, real-time video feeds, video/audio conferencing, Common Operating Pictures (COP), User-Defined Operating Pictures (UDOP), Cesium integration, 3D Geo-centric simulations, and remote virtual desktops are just a few of the many standard features. 3DataLinQ runs on 23 platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPad, and VR wearables, uses a common code base, and streams to users via SaaS from the cloud environment.

Security and Mixed Classifications

When integrated on a mixed classification network environment, such as a "Purple Network", the 3DataLinQTM 3D user experience provides multiple layers of security, down to the pixel-level, to allow collaboration across multiple security domains, enabling remote collaboration managed through permissions and access.

3DataLinQTM is wrapped in its own secured virtual machine and provides the ability to cost-effectively integrate existing tools, databases, and analytics to experiment, visualize, assess, and rapidly reconfigure solutions to complex problems.

How It Works

3DataLinQ is a virtual collaborative analysis environment that uses the latest gaming technology to create a 3D virtual space where analysts can interact with Big Data processing without having to navigate Big Data engineering — all from the cloud environment.
3DataLinQ Fact Sheet

Fused Data Feeds and Analytics

3DataLinQTM fuses multiple data feeds using high-speed stream messaging, dynamic queueing, hub-based topologies, routing tickets, and encrypted payloads. Data from disparate sources and multiple domains (e.g., space, air, cyber) can be rapidly visualized, providing situational awareness and enhancing understanding. As a Rapid Application Development technology, 3DataLinQ supports fast prototyping and quick-reaction capabilities.

3DataLinQTM fuses analytics by executing in a multi-tenancy cloud environment under resource orchestration. Temporal, text, geospatial, and machine learning analytics register their services to create an extensible analytic fabric on a massive scale that can autonomously enrich your metadata. 3DataLinQTM enables analysts to view the problem space, support decision-making and tactically execute courses-of-action in real time.