Software Tools

Delivering unique and powerful tools

LinQuest develops custom software applications to support the acquisition, operation, and testing of complex DoD and commercial systems. LinQuest applications support mission planning; decision support; logistics; and modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A) of cutting-edge systems and subsystems. LinQuest tailors our proven processes for the scope, size, and schedule of the specific project.

Mission Planning and Analysis

LinQuest provides the full spectrum of software development and MS&A services with domain experts dedicated to enhance the acquisition of complex and advanced systems, reduce program risk, and increase operational effectiveness.


MCPT-i provides operational Milstar apportionment and mission planning, execution, and monitoring for both the strategic and tactical mission areas.

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The Network-Centric Waveform (NCW) Engineering Tool (NCWT) is an engineering software tool designed to analyze NCW networks and estimate the satellite power and bandwidth requirements needed to support the NCW networks.

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The SATCOM Evaluation Tool is a multi-constellation coverage and capacity analysis tool for protected SATCOM systems. It is used to analyze the coverage, configuration, and loading capacity of satellite communications systems.

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Modeling and Simulation


ABLE is a GUI driven simulation tool that provides global coverage planning, analysis, and visualization capability for mobile terminals using broadband links on commercial transponded satellites.

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MILSATCOM End-to-End Simulation Environment is a hardware and software-based simulation platform that models end-to-end satellite communications systems.

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Terminal Control Simulator simulates Milstar and AEHF Payload to Terminal Access Control Protocols and the SMART-T to Terminal Control software communications link.

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Jamming Evaluation Tool is a GUI-driven simulation tool that evaluates the impact of jamming on transponded satellite communications and estimates the benefit of traditional anti-jamming (AJ) measures.

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ALPS - Acquisition Logistics Performance Scorecard

The Acquisition Logistics Performance Scorecard (ALPS) is a comprehensive suite of logistics management functions offering a centralized data store accessible world-wide focused on providing performance-based logistics (PBL) management. The ALPS.NET represents a considerable advancement in technology from it's predecessor and has been redesigned from the ground up utilizing the most advanced web-centric technologies and techniques.

ALPS.NET improves overall system asset availability by enhancing the process used to perform complete asset management. ALPS.NET greatly reduces the administrative burden on the acquisition managers and joint warfighter by reducing the costs associated with logistically fielding and supporting a system throughout its entire lifecycle.

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