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Having doubled in size during the past three years while maintaining superior performance for our customers, LinQuest is proud to share our most recent achievements and innovations. Catch up on all the latest news and top stories from LinQuest Corporation below.

9 Sep 2015 - LinQuest wins DOD Executive Agent for Space Staff (EA4SS) SETA program

Los Angeles, California (September 9, 2015) - LinQuest Corporation; a leading provider of engineering, acquisition, and operations services for US government communications, command and control, space, and information systems; announced they were awarded a four-year, $34M GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) contract Task Order to support the Department of Defense Executive Agent for Space Staff's (EA4SS) program. The EA4SS office supports planning, program assessment, architecture development, and related activities to integrate DoD, civil, commercial, and Intelligence Community (IC) space capabilities. The Staff also serves as the Secretariat for the Defense Space Council.

Dr. Leon Biederman, LinQuest's President and CEO, stated, "I am very excited about this award. The role the DoD Executive Agent for Space plays serving as the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense and his staff on the future of national security space is enormously important. LinQuest and our partner companies have proudly supported the national security space mission for over 30 years and we are uniquely qualified to support the DoD Executive Agent for Space mission. We appreciate the Executive Agent's confidence in LinQuest and our partner companies and look forward to providing our customer with excellent support in all their activities charting the evolution of the DoD, IC, and civil, commercial and international stakeholders in space." Mr. Joe Dodd, LinQuest's VP for Enterprise Initiatives, added: "LinQuest is honored to have this opportunity to support DoD's critically important efforts in forging a more effective, resilient, and affordable future national security space architecture".

16 Feb 2015 - Brian Hulbert Wins the Cameo Award for MS&A Excellence

LinQuest is pleased to announce that Brian Hulbert, from our Dayton, OH LinQuest office, received external national industry recognition for his leadership in applying Model Based System Engineering (MBSE). No Magic, Inc. selected Mr. Hulbert for its "Best Use of MBSE/SysML with Cameo Suite, Federal" award for his application of MBSE to the cooperative use of autonomous air and ground vehicles for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

Mr. Hulbert played a key leadership role in developing the requirements and the SysML high-level architecture for the VIP Escort Response System (VIPERS). VIPERS consists of a set of autonomous ground and air vehicles working together cooperatively to transport a VIP safely from one location to another through a road network laden with both static and dynamic threats. This architecture included uses cases, requirements diagrams, block definition diagrams, internal block diagrams, state machine diagrams, and activity diagrams.

Typically, there can be as many as 12 to 15 nominations for such an award. From the total list of nominations, three award finalists are chosen, and one of these finalists is selected for the award. The No Magic Cameo Awards have grown to be a highly prized and prestigious industry technology award, representing significant achievement in the award category. Gary Duncanson, the President and CEO of No Magic, Inc. said, "Those receiving the Cameo Awards represent world-class organizations making major innovations in defense, banking, insurance, and government technologies that taxpayers and consumers will see in the future. Modeling is key to simplifying the complexity of today's world."

LinQuest engineers have developed a robust MBSE approach and capability that has been recognized by multiple customers. LinQuest Corporation is incredibly proud that Mr. Hulbert's efforts have received such prestigious national recognition.

16 Feb 2015 - Jeff Renehan, Brian Hulbert, and Cory Alvarez presented LinQuest Excellence Awards

LinQuest is pleased to announce our 2014 LinQuest Excellence Award winners:

Jeff Renehan has been awarded the Management Excellence Award in recognition of his superior management performance on one of LinQuest's largest, most complex, and highest visible tasks, known as Space Control, supporting multiple Headquarters Air Force Space Command (HQ AFSPC) Directorates. As a result of his leadership, Jeff's team was selected as the Directorate's Team of the Year, which allows them to compete at the Major Command (MAJCOM) level early in 2015.

Brian Hulbert has been awarded the Technical Excellence Award in recognition of his efforts for modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A) as well as his subject matter expertise in the research area of verification and validation of Flight Critical Systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). He has received external national industry recognition by winning the Cameo Award for MS&A Excellence for the Best Use of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)/Systems Modeling Language (SysML) in the entire Federal sector; performed on multiple National Science Foundation panels; chaired symposiums; and helped win the follow-on effort to the Aerospace Technology Evaluation and Assessment (ATEA) contract, known as the Research of Aerospace Systems Technologies (RAST) contract.

Cory Alvarez has been awarded the Corporate Excellence Award in recognition of her extraordinary efforts in payroll/accounting. She regularly goes above and beyond her duties in this area, to include working evenings, weekends, and during her scheduled vacations, to ensure employees are paid correctly and on-time.

24 Oct 2014 - LinQuest Logistics Software Highlighted in Army.mil Article

A recent article posted on Army.mil, "The official homepage of the United States Army", highlighted how LinQuest's Acquisition Logistices Performance Scorecard (ALPS) has streamlined and enhanced the sustainment of delivered and deployed SMART-T terminals.

"In the current environment of trying to do more with less, the intent is to automate as many things as we can to avoid the time and manpower needed to manually produce quality reports," said Larry Raville, SMART-T project lead for PM WIN-T. "It's a huge savings of resources and produces quality metrics and data that enhances decision making."

The entire article can be found at this URL: http://www.army.mil/article/129097/

27 Aug 2014 - LinQuest Awarded MASIES Option

LinQuest Corporation, Los Angeles, California, is proud to announce that on 28 Jun 2014 the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) in El Segundo, CA awarded a $29M cost-plus-incentive fee and cost-plus-fixed-fee modification to the LinQuest Corporation Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Analysis, Systems Integration, and Engineering Services (MASIES) contract for additional System Engineering & Integration Support Services (SE&I). With this modification the value of the MASIES contract increases to $154.8M. Simultaneously, SMC decided to exercise the MASIES contract first option to be executed between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015. With the contract modification and option exercise, LinQuest will continue to provide professional SE&I services to the MILSATCOM Directorate and programs. Additionally, with these two contract actions, SMC has reaffirmed its strong confidence in LinQuest's ability to execute and evolve standardized enterprise processes, control and manage the technical baseline and interface(s), perform system integration across the enterprise and within identified programs, develop and implement key systems engineering processes, developing tools and techniques to predict issues and enable timely action, and develop and maintain performance metrics.

12 Feb 2014 - Brian Selva, Shawn Higgins, and Dr. Bob Lashlee presented LinQuest Exceptional Performance Awards

LinQuest is pleased to announce our 2013 LinQuest Exceptional Performance Award winners:

Brian Selva has been awarded the Corporate Performance Award in recognition of his extraordinary efforts in maintaining and improving LinQuest's Information Technology infrastructure.

Shawn Higgins has been awarded the Technical Performance Award for his significant and sustained efforts related to Advanced Extremely High Frequency Calibration Facility - Interim Command and Control (ACF-IC2) Terminal Field Support for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory.

Dr. Bob Lashlee has been awarded the Management Performance Award in recognition of his contributions and achievements toward the Responsible Test Organization (RTO) supporting Space and Missiles Systems Center - MILSATCOM Directorate (SMC/MC).

The LinQuest family extends our congratulations and gratitude to each of these top performers for their commitment, sacrifice, and contributions in 2013!

11 Feb 2014 - LinQuest awarded Space Control Task Order

LinQuest Corporation is proud to announce that Headquarters Air Force Space Command (HQ AFSPC) at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs has awarded the Contract for Space and Missile Capabilities (CSMC) Space Control (SC) Support Task Order (TO) to Team LinQuest on January 28, 2014. The contract supports HQ AFSPC Organize, Train, and Equip functions throughout the acquisition lifecycle for SC mission area weapon systems. The SC mission area ensures freedom of operations within and throughout the space and cyber medium, while denying its use to adversaries. LinQuest supports the SC mission capabilities to monitor and assess; deter, detect, and recover from attacks; negate adversary space and cyber capabilities; and integrate SC operations capabilities for more effective delivery of combined effects to the Warfighter.

Having been one of the most competitive TOs competed on the CSMC program, Team LinQuest is delighted with this win and that our proposal was rated "Outstanding." This is a direct reflection of our people and their recognition of the criticality and "zero defect" nature of SC and Cyberspace operations. Even in an environment of increased risk due to smaller government budgets, we successfully offset this risk by bringing only the best, most experienced personnel to this effort. LinQuest is proud to support multiple HQ AFSPC Directorates on the cutting edge of these vital mission areas.

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